Come and join us!

If you’re looking for something special in your life that feeds your soul, warms your heart, draws on your creativity, is both fun and exciting, and connects you to a group of wonderful, welcoming women, then our chorus could be just what you need!


It’s easy! Come any Thursday night just to watch us and see if you like what we do and how we sound. If you’re interested, Robyn (our Director) will voice place you to see if you’re a Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass. It’s not an audition – there’s no pass or fail – as long as you can sing in tune, we’re happy to have you! You don’t have to read music, nor do you have to have taken any musical training. But it’s not fun trying to sing Bass if you’re really a Tenor, or Tenor if you’re a Baritone!! Then when you know which part you sing, you can take some music and a learning CD home so you can start to learn a song!

If you decide to keep coming on Thursday nights, you’ll pay $5 per week until you decide you’re ready to jump in and join! (Full details of what that entails in terms of membership fees and singing accuracy will be available.) Once you’re a member, there’s no rush to learn our whole repertoire and there’s lots of help available while you’re learning. It can take years to catch up on everything, and meanwhile, if you love to perform and want to attend some of our sing-outs, you can always step in and sing the ones you know, stepping out for the ones you don’t.

For more information or to schedule a Thursday night visit, call Kim on 0410 620 779 or fill out the contact form.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!!