Oct 162017

20 years a chartered Sweet Adelines chorus. Here are some photos of our celebration!

Sep 192017

A long wait to perform, but a lovely sunny day and an honour to be involved in such a great event!

Jun 252017

Great Trivia Night on Saturday 24th June 2017.

Mar 242017

Three wonderful nights of our workshop have passed, and one to go.  Take a look at our lovely group of chorus members and guests.

img_2462 img_2461

Dec 102016

Here is our chorus today, along with one of our quartets. December 2016.east-city-sound-group-2016 just-us-1-final-shot-2016-4 fb-post

Jun 012016

Here we are in Wollongong at the Australia Sweet Adelines competition in May 2016.  We enter this competition once every two or three years and have a lot of fun taking part.

Convention 2016 Pose small Convention 2016 signing small